The world leading ICOM brand is synonym of innovation. Icom brings over 30 years experience in the design, production, certification and implementation of LPG components and  systems for  vehicles,  and has invented and patented uncountable innovative products including:

  • The “Toroidal tank” to be positioned in the spare wheel compartment
  • The revolutionary Liquid Propane Injection system “JTG common rail” in liquid phase
  • The Direct Injection “JTG HP” system for direct injection engines
  • A new tank generation
  • New electronic multivalves with LPG embedded pump
  • A new “JTG v” LPG injection system in gaseous phase without vaporizer and without the use of engine water to heat the LPG
  • New “JTG m” system, an innovative system for Natural Gas


The ICOM brand products are supplied in the OEM sector to RENAULT, FORD and GM.

The Patents