Choose the exclusive and innovative  icom JTG HP  system

You always drive on LPG using petrol only upon your personal choice or when out of LPG.
Keep intact your car performance, travel safely and save money supporting the environment.

+ Power

The ICOM JTG HP injection has been developed according to ICOM philosophy using the original petrol direct injection in order to obtain also an LPG direct injection.

The system uses the same high pressure pump and the same petrol injectors, injecting the Liquid LPG directly into the combustion chamber.

The vehicle always runs on LPG, contrarily to other systems which use petrol in drive mode.

With the icom JTG HP system the changeover to petrol takes place automatically only when out of LPG or when the driver freely chooses to make the changeover.

The car performance remains unchanged as the icom JTG HP system is actually a direct injection of LPG and does not add additional injectors on the manifold which would negate any advantage of the Direct Injection technology.

The installation is simple and fast as the icom JTG HP system uses a limited number of components and does not require additional injectors and gas vaporizer monitoring.

+ Ecological

Thanks to the ICOM JTG HP system you can support also the environment  as with the installation of a JTG HP system there is the reduction of the CO2 emissions in comparison with petrol and an inferior emission of particles (PM10) and NOX if compared with Diesel, permitting to have a cleaner world.

+ Convenient

With high fuel prices, installing an ICOM LPG JTG HP system means savings of about 50% if compared with petrol.

icom JTG HP system

 icom JTG HP BI-Fuel system

Impianto JTG-HP Bi-Fuel

icom JTG HP Mono-Fuel system

Impianto JTG-HP Mono-Fuel


New patented multivalve group, with embedded pump for LPG tanks.

It enables the pump maintenance in any condition, also with the tank full of LPG.

The Innovative icom JTG HP system for direct injection engines

icom JTG HP History of the Evolution

January 2007

Start up of the study and system development.

The first car converted is a Golf 1.6

During 2007 is also converted an Audi A6 3.2 FSI


Year 2008

Our German dealer starts the JTG HP installations in Germany


March 2008

Automotive Exhibition in Leipzig: world première presentation


September 2008

The JTG HP is shown at the Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt  with an Audi A6 3.2 FSI and with a Mazda CX7, while it is possible to do a test drive with an Eos 2.0 TFSI  on the streets of Frankfurt.


December 2008

The JTG-HP is shown at the Motor Show exhibition in Bologna with an Audi 4 2.0 TFSI


Year 2009

The Company makes the decision to develop an ECU of its own, creating within the premises an Electronic  Department.


March 2009

ICOM JTG-HP obtains the EURO 5 homologation for Germany.



In Germany are installed several  JTG-HP systems on cars such as Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Mazda and BMW.


November 2011

The JTG-HP starts the test drive with the new ECU.


October 2011

The JTG-HP is shown also in Korea  at the 2011 International Symposium upon invitation of the Korean Environment Ministry. The invitation was made after the visit of  a Delegation of University Professors and Representatives of the Korean Auto Industry, in the European companies.

At the Convention companies bringing innovation in the automotive industry were invited and the Icom JTG HP was the only system from the LPG industry present.