ICOM: always at the avant-garde

The ICOM systems electronics is composed by several electronic devices designed and developed by the company R&D group. The new systems prototypes are developed and tested by the Research and Development Area using test benches and chassis rolls creating driving conditions identical to the ones experienced on the streets.


Using the latest modern technologies, these control units manage the conversion of endothermic LPG engines in liquid phase.

The main innovation is the firmware management, which is using calculation algorithms in real time, which translate the information from the original vehicle can bus and process the necessary activities to obtain the right LPG quantity and carburation.

The control unit enables,  using a USB connection with a dedicated software and a hardware communication interface, to adapt some parameters to optimize each installation and suit it for example to different climatic conditions.

Furthermore the supervision and control software related to the entire system safety,  keeps tracking, using specific logs, of all the functioning data and singularly supervises each device such as electrovalves and pumps for which it verifies the correct operations parameters.


Also the additional components, such as for example the Hall Sensor within the LPG tank and the switch display, are devices managed by micro controllers and fully designed by the R& D group.


These components permit the management of the LPG supply at the defined levels, inform the user on the quantity of available fuel, activate additional functions of emergency and permit to change the engine supply between LPG and petrol either on user’s request or automatically.

ICOM: Leader in innovation!