icom JTG

Liquid Injection Patented system with European homologation

+ Power

Thanks to the LPG system with liquid injection JTG Common Rail designed and manufactured by ICOM, you have the possibility, using the physical LPG characteristics, to provide your vehicle  with a cooler liquid which increases performance,  like the “Punto” car model which accelerates from 0 to 100 Km/h in 13.4 seconds on LPG versus the 13.7 seconds on petrol. POWERFUL is also synonym of SAFETY as each system is homologated according to the European automotive standard, there are no circulation restrictions and it is possible to park in the undergrounds.

+ Ecological

Thanks to the JTG Common Rail you also support the environment as, installing an ICOM LPG JTG Common Rail systems, you will help to reduce the Co2 emissions, if compared with petrol and with less particle emissions (PM1D) and NOX then Diesel, contributing to a cleaner world.

+ Convenient

With  high fuel prices, choosing the installation of an ICOM JTG LPG Common Rail system, means to get a  cost saving equal to around 50% if compared with petrol.

icom JTG new  system

icom JTG can BI-Fuel system

Impianto JTG-can Bi-Fuel

icom JTG can Mono-Fuel system

Impianto JTG-can Mono-Fuel

icom JTG can Bi-Fuel 8 cylinder system

Impianto JTG-can Bi-Fuel 8 cilindri

icom JTG can Mono-Fuel 8 cylinder double tank systemImpianto JTG-can Mono-Fuel 8 cilindri doppio serbatoio

The system with European homologation EURO 5 and 6